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So what is an MC?

A master of ceremonies (MC) is an important go to person for bringing together your reception or event so that it runs smoothly and on time liaising with the venue, photographer and other vendors involved in your big day.


What does an MC do?

The MC will wrangle your family and friends inside, and I say wrangled because they are all pumped up and having so much fun! So you want to kick your reception off right!


Your MC will bore them with the housekeeping rules - gotta be done!! Like where the toilets are, the emergency exits, where the bar is (as if they don't know) and where the pressie/wishing well table is and remind them of the guest book etc etc, for a full list be sure to request my FREE MC Kickass reception how to guide!


An MC will also announce the components to your reception which, traditionally, has:
    • Bridal party entrance
    • Couple entrance
    • Entree / Main / Dessert
    • Speeches - traditionally up to 9!
    • Cake cutting
    • First dance, father/daughter dance and mother/son dance
    • Bouquet toss and garter toss
    • Dancing
    • Couple exit


BUT HERE'S THE KICKER If you don't want those 9 speeches - don't. If you hate cake, have a donut wall or a lolly buffet. If  the thought of tossing your beautiful bouquet sends shivers down your back, turn it into a gift of love, where because of "something" you give those flowers to your Gran or best friend or mother-in-law? Don't want the father/daughter dance, dance with your Grandpa or your Uncle or your Brother or your Mother or anyone you want to dance with! Don't want to leave the party early and leave your guests to party without you - don't! You don't have to! And that's the joy of it being your day, your way! And you most definitely can have all of those components too - but just know - you have choices!!!!! More of that in my FREE guide ;) 


Why can't I use Uncle Dave?

Of course you can use Uncle Dave, he's the funniest in the family obviously - but in all seriousness, don't you want him to sit back and enjoy the party as a treasured guest without the added pressure of ensuring your day is running on time… and smoothly. I know you are already thinking this, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at this page. I know he's your favourite, so you should definitely ask him to do a speech :)


Why choose Kerri Watkins Celebrant to MC your reception?

If I am already sharing your wedding ceremony with you, by now I know a lot about you and we already feel like long lost friends, so I'm not going to lie, I'm the best chickey for the job. I'm already sharing in your journey, I've got your family and your friends all loved up in the love bubble from your ceremony, let me continue that vibe into your reception and take the stress away by doing all those things on the day so you can enjoy all the precious moments.


From $800.00

  • Up to 5 hours on the day, additional hours negotiated

  • Pre-planning meeting - this can be done by phone, email, video conferencing or face to face

  • Preparation work

  • Unlimited phone calls, emails or video conferencing

  • Liaison with other vendors / family members

  • New and existing clients

Click here to request a FREE MC Kickass reception how to guide!


Also available for corporate gigs that are after a bit of heart on the day, click here for further info.

Kerri Watkins Celebrant Master of Ceremo

Photo using eye power at The White House of Waterford courtesy of Kylie Williams Photography

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