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Megan and Nic's Best Decision Ever - Eloping to Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island

Not my words, Megan and Nic's words! But I absolutely agree with them. Megan and Nic decided to elope to Moreton Island with 20 of their nearest and dearest for their magical beach wedding. They made a promise to each other that their wedding day would be for the two of them, and no one else. But, their day was soooooooo much more.

Megan and Nic share their advice, tips and tricks, and their vision for their wedding day below, and I am so excited to share them with you.

What Was Your Vision For Your Moreton Island Elopement Wedding Day And Your Wedding Ceremony?

My vision for my wedding day was for everything to go smoothly, as stress-free (as possible), good weather and to enjoy the moment. 

What Was Your Biggest Concern When Planning Your Wedding Ceremony?

That it was meant to rain on the day, trying to organise a wedding dress, the suit, a dress for my daughters, while trying to work was hectic but my biggest concern was maybe that I would forget to organise something. (she didn’t 😜) 

Why Did You Choose Kerri Watkins Celebrant For Your Elopement?

When deciding to get married at Moreton Island I was googling how to get married there and came across Kerri's website and read a few testimonials and saw her photos. I thought she was lovely and she sounded lovely in her reviews.

What Is Your Favourite Memory From The Planning Process?

I enjoyed trying wedding dresses on for the first time even though it was a stressful process trying to find the right one, it's always fun trying on dresses. 

What Is Your Favourite Memory From The Ceremony Or Your Wedding Day?

It would definitely be Kerri's speech! It was such an amazing speech, it was funny but beautiful all at the same time.

How Was The Overall Experience Of Working With Kerri Watkins Celebrant and Moreton Island Celebrant?

It was amazing! She handled everything for us and made us feel so at ease and not stressed. Just her presence at the wedding was amazing and could not have done it without her.

Everyone who attended the wedding could not stop talking about how amazing Kerri was!

Nawww the feeling is definitely mutual! Your family and friends were rockstars!!!

If You Could Tell A Newly Engaged Couple One Thing, What Would It Be?

Get a good celebrant and photographer and everything will go smoothly, your wedding day is about the two of you and no one else. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars having a big wedding to try to impress people, just have your closest family and friends.

Your wedding day is about the two of you and no one else!

What Was One Valuable Piece Of Advice That Kerri Shared With You?

To sit down with my partner and go through the questions together, it was nice to set aside time just for us to reflect on how far we have come and evolved as a couple.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Share?

Just another thank you to Kerri for being so amazing and making our day so special!

Megan and Nic also left this amazing Google Review for me :)

Having Kerri as our celebrant was one of the best decisions ever! She was so amazing! She made us feel at ease and took all the stress out of the day to let us be present with each other. I couldn't recommend Kerri more as your celebrant you will not be disappointed!

😍 shucks guys…. I love that your day was stress-free and you were able to be present with each other - that’s what it’s all about!

A little about Megan and Nic

Picture this: two young souls, navigating the whirlwind of high school life. They weren’t the stars of a teenage rom-com, with grand gestures or dramatic encounters. Instead, their story is one of quiet persistence, a testament to the power of patience and the gentle unfolding of love.

Megan, you see, was the girl who caught Nic's eye, the one he saw from afar, the one he knew, deep down, was his person. But Megan, ever cautious, wasn’t so sure at first. Twelve times, yes, twelve, Nic asked, and twelve times Megan gently declined. But love, as they say, finds a way. And when Megan finally said 'yes,' it wasn't just to being Nic's girlfriend; it was the beginning of a beautiful journey, neither of them realised they had started.

When Megan and Nic first reached out to me, it was evident that they were the sweetest couple, and incredibly shy. They had been wanting to get married for a very long time, but had never found the time. Megan expressed that she just wanted a little ceremony and Nic wasn’t too fussed - he declared that he just wanted to be together and was happy for whatever Megan wanted.

They planned their family holiday to Moreton Island with their 3 incredibly cute munchkins and saw the perfect opportunity to hold a “short and sweet” and “small and intimate” wedding with their closest family and friends, “before the kids start cracking it”! 😆

Megan and Nic wanted the day to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible, so they asked if that was even possible. As you can see from their story above, it was absolutely possible.

So the planning began. They advised that they had been to big weddings that were too long and drawn out, so I knew straight away that their ceremony was going to have to tick the box of short enough before the kids started cracking it but long enough to honour their love story, include their munchkins and their amazing family and friends who travelled to Moreton Island - most of them just to spend the incredible day with them before heading back on the 4 pm ferry. Nawwww.

What we didn’t plan was the weather - Mother Nature is uncontrollable. So with messages back and forth between Megan and Nic, myself and Clare from Sunset Picnics and Platters in the days leading up to and the morning of, we all had everything crossed, but a backup plan in place. Well did Mother Nature put on a show - the most amazing gorgeous and warm sunny day smack bang between two of the stormiest days I’ve had on Moreton Island - Thank you Mother Nature for giving us the most perfect day!

I can still feel the incredible love and buzz that was radiating from their family and friends on the day as we awaited the arrival of our beautiful family. And OMGness the stories Nic’s Nan told me about my cheeky groom had me in stitches 😉 Megan and Nic, all dressed in neutrals didn’t have a bridal party, just their munchkins and their rockstar family and friends to surround them at the arbour. They couldn’t wait to see each other - although they had been together for such a long time, there was definitely a nervous excitement that surrounded them both as Nic waited for Megan to arrive, walked in by her loving mum.

Megan and Nic didn’t share personal vows, they chose the legal wording followed by rings bought up by their munchkins and a promise that the ring that they each wear would be a reminder that wherever they go, their love goes with them.

Their ceremony included family vows - remember how I told you about the incredible love and buzz that was radiating from their family and friends? Well I think the whole of Moreton Island heard their family vows! It was epic!

Nic’s Dad and Megan’s Mum were honoured as official witnesses and their family and friends cheered as they were introduced as finally married! I absolutely adore the pic of Megan and Nic having a cheeky moment, whilst Mum, Dad and I sort the legals out.

Megan and Nic’s day was EPIC! A day where they were able to be truly present together, share their intimate moment and their hearts with those closest to them and celebrate their love story in a way that honoured their hopes and dreams for their day! I’m so honoured that I could share this incredible memory with them all.

Congrats again Megan and Nic xxx

Megan and Nic’s Dream Team

Styling, Arbour and Picnic Celebration: Sunset Picnics and Platters

Hair: Megan's Amazing Sister

Makeup: Self

Ceremony and Picnic Location: Tangalooma Island Resort Boundary North

Thank you Megan and Nic for sharing your dream wedding with us! It will be a day that will hold a special place in all of our hearts, always.

Are you too dreaming of the perfect beach elopement on beautiful Moreton Island? Let’s chat. I promise, the planning is easier than you think.


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