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Eggs Benny

Updated: Jan 5

Ok, I need your help... where is your go to for an amazing Eggs Benny?

Now I hear you saying what the hell does this have to do with getting married?

Well the answer is simple really... never stop dating your husband or your wife!

My hubby works longggggg days, but he's up super early on his day off, so I try to get him to take me to brekky, somewhere with an amazing Eggs Benny because it's my favourite brekky.

So I need your help, drop your favourite go to restaurant Brisbane to Gold Coast and all the places in between below!

Eggs Benny from Castaways Moreton Island
Eggs Benny from Castaways Moreton Island

Thank you to the amazing Chris and Jenny who shared their favourite Eggs Benny restaurant! I was skeptical, but I thought I would give it a go! They said: "We love our eggs benny and it doesn't matter which location we choose, it is always amazing". So, with that recommendation, and my first opportunity, I headed to The Coffee Club! It wasn't local to me. It wasn't one that they'd tried. But I thought heck, if they say the location doesn't matter, I'll give it a whirl. So, on my girls weekend with my bestie and some friends, we headed to Toowoomba Coffee Club, I ordered my eggs benny, and still my beating heart, it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!! We all know I'm super slack with photos, but here's one of an almost empty plate (hey hubby wasn't there to help me finish it off haha). Thank you The Coffee Club Toowoomba for not disappointing, I will be back, and I will bring hubby! And thank you Chris and Jenny for sharing your favourite brekky restaurant xx

Kerri Watkins Celebrant enjoying eggs benny with best friend
Thank you The Coffee Club Toowoomba

Where else should I try when I'm back on the mainland? The only eggs benny on Moreton Island is at Castaways or home (and I haven't quiet mastered the art yet). Hey there's an idea, what's your favourite recipe (and easiest because I'm a shitty cook)?

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