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Investing in Photography

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Investing in Photography for your big day should not be taken light heartedly - at the end of the day, all you have is your photos and your memories. This is one of our biggest regrets from our own day, so this is why I always suggest to my couples to consider photography before the cake and jumping castle ;) Ps we had cheesecake shop cake and no jumping castle, but you get what I mean - put it at the top of your budget…

But there's so many out there - who and how do we choose?

Aren't you lucky that you are spoilt for choice - there are so many amazing photographers and videographers and I would happily suggest to you my faves to work with - but like your celebrant - you need to find someone who you feel comfortable with. What sort of style do you want? How long do you want them for? What do you want included with your package?

I'm all about the stalking - check out their websites, read their testimonials, watch their videos, ask questions. Who will photograph on the day - is it them or someone that works for them?

Have a couples or family or engagement shoot with them if you are on the fence with your decision - you will know - they will be the one that makes you feel content and comfortable in front of a camera - trust me it happens!

If you aren't having a professional photographer, have you considered a student photographer? Or ask family and friends with an eye to take some shots?

Feel free to post your wedding photographer link below and why you chose them - share the love!!!!

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