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Just Want to Get Married

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

So.…you've decided you just want to get married! Congrats! You don't want the big fancy party, or you've already had the big fancy party and you just want to make it official! You don't want to go to the registry office (although the new view is beautiful) - you don't want to pay for parking and there's only 4 of you! Well… Kerri Watkins Celebrant does offer a LEGAL'S only ceremony at her home office or in her garden at Waterford West.

What do you get? You get one meeting to lodge your NOIM and you sign your final declaration prior to your ceremony which includes a short and sweet script. BANG! Married!

How do we personalise it? Your personal vows to each other :)

What if we want it at our house? Depending on your location - there may be an additional travel charge

How much is it? Check out my packages page here.

Are there any extra prices? Only if you want me to travel or you require an Official Certificate from Birth's Deaths and Marriages to change your name :)

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