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Long walks on the beach...

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This morning as I walked along the beach, I thought to myself – WOW – Cliché, but I really do love “long walks on the beach”!

But has anyone actually told you why? Well to be honest, the long walk out is for him (my furbaby), but I’m consumed by “don’t eat that”, “how many pees can 1 dog do”, “slow down bucko”, “what’s that”, “wait for me”! But… then….

It all changes. We’ve found our pace. I’m no longer consumed by “slow down” – we’ve got this!

Then… I hear it… I see it… I feel it!

The way the waves crash about our feet, I can breathe. I take in every crash and the mind wonders. Blah Blah Blah – I can hear you asking, “how the hell does this have any point to weddings or getting married”. I’m getting there!

The ebb and flow of the ocean reminds me, that like marriage – it is everchanging. I’m watching the storm clouds roll in and thinking “this too will pass, as long as I have my best friend by my side – it will be one hell of a ride”.

As I walk away from the ocean and into the calm, the sound, the chaos of the loud roaring ocean changes, and I’m again pondering the sounds of the rippling incoming tide, the chirping of the birds and the sound of that crashing every changing roar of the ocean in the background.

I peek up and I’m greeted with a rainbow and reminded of life’s beauty – everywhere – if we just pause and look up!

I sit, with my feet in the sand, overwhelmed by the power of the everchanging earth. And then - the sun comes out peering through those storm clouds. I trust that it is going to be a good day.

And… there he is! I see hubby! Smiling, standing with his rod (fishing rod that is)! It’s his happy place too! Somewhere he can breathe. Somewhere we can both breathe!

It is our happy place, together! Somewhere where both our minds can just be still. Well he’s thinking about “the big fish”. Mine’s consumed by “please let him catch a big fish”. Ps he caught a flatty, a couple of bream and a mangrove jack – winning! The furbaby is resting at my feet, hoping that Dad catches a big fish so he can “get all the juicy stuff”. But here is me… calm and still, thinking about marriage, being married, and my couples.

The ocean has a powerful way of reminding us to stop, breathe and cherish the moment.

It has the capability of making our thoughts wonder or just being in the moment, and sometimes… it has the power to inspire us to write – like this little blog!

So, in summary – that is why I love long walks on the beach!

The reminder that life is everchanging, the reminder to stop and breathe. The reminder to look up and the reminder that life is beautiful, and even more special when you have that special someone to share the journey with – and if you get caught in the rain – someone to dance with!

Where is your happy place?

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