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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Do's and Don'ts - What should you expect from a rehearsal?

A rehearsal can be as small or as big as you like - just the two of you or bring the whole bridal party and all those involved in the day…

How long does a rehearsal take?

  • Allow up to an hour, but generally between 15 and 30 minutes - it all depends on what we are covering and how many will be there :)

What if I don't want a rehearsal - that's fine, but I still like to meet up prior to your ceremony to finalise the following:

  • Vows - if you are reading from vow cards, I bring a copy to make sure that the font size is eligible - especially for those of us that wear glasses, or choose not to on the day - you still want to see the words right…

  • Music choices and who will operate the music - remember you are welcome to use my PA - just make sure you have all the music downloaded that are able to play in aeroplane mode - we don't want any pesky dings through the ceremony…

  • BDM Marriage Certificate - if you would like me to apply for this on your behalf, I will ask to sight a bill with your address - a phone or electricity bill is the most popular and usually already on your mobile

  • Check Marriage Certificate Details - final chance to review all your legal docs to ensure their accuracy - once they are registered with BDM there is a fee to fix this - payable by you, unless BDM or I have made a typo entering your details - this is why you do final check

  • Sign Final Declaration - last chance ;) just kidding - this form is your final declaration to declare that there is no legal impediment to your marriage and that all of the information is true and correct

What we actually rehearse if we go with a rehearsal?

  • Walking down the aisle to time music - this is a great idea if you have small kids part of your walk to familiarise them with what they have to do - but I promise - it won't be like this on the day - ask me my funniest moment ;)

  • Vows - if you are repeating your vows after me, we practice a small sentence to ensure that you are comfortable with the count of words - I promise - we don't say the whole shebang - and especially not if you are having "secret squirrel vows"

  • Readings - if you have someone special sharing a reading or a poem for you and they are coming to the rehearsal - like your vows, I show them the printed copy and make sure they can read it :)

  • Handfasting - it is always a good idea to have a quick practice of how to hold hands and how the "knot will be tied"

  • Rings - yup - we practice putting the rings on to ensure that you aren't all "handsy" and we can get the perfect angle for your photographer

  • Kiss - yup - I make you practice that too - we want soft and lingering - well for the first one anyway ;) And… I usually, always, make you go again!!!!

So the do's

  • Relax and enjoy

  • Bring your music

  • Have everyone that is coming arrive on time so they don't miss anything

The don'ts

  • Forget your music ;)

  • Don't forget to breathe

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