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Riverlife Kangaroo Point Wedding | Kaytlyn and Peter | Kerri Watkins Celebrant

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

On a warm (ok, stinking hot) November day, I FINALLY got to marry Kaytlyn and Peter at the beautiful Riverlife at Kangaroo Point.

I first met Kaytlyn and Peter when I married Kaytlyn's sister Sharni and Sean back in 2014, and Kaytlyn and Peter first booked me in 2019, but you know, the C-Word - COVID! So we postponed 2020 to 2021, and you know what? The day was absolutely perfect!!!! When we first started planning, Kaytlyn and Peter had just had their first baby, but come wedding time, bub number 2 was on the scene. And my heart, when you see the pics (and their sneak peek video), you'll know exactly why their day had to wait...

You can read all about Kaytlyn and Peter's ceremony below, but firstly, let me share with you their tips and advice on how to have the wedding you've always dreamt of.

Happy couple just married
Kaytlyn and Peter captured by Sophia Baker Photography

What were your hopes and dreams for your wedding ceremony?

A beautiful setting by the water, surrounded by family and friends.

What were you worried about or didn't know when planning your ceremony?

Whether people could find the ceremony/reception the venue was a bit of a maze.

What are you thankful for?

My family. My parents for allowing us to have the day we always wished for. The love Peter and I have.

How would you describe the feel of your ceremony?


Where did you get your vow writing inspiration?

Just all our memories, being together 10yrs it wasn’t hard to look back and then write what we felt about each other.

Did you keep them secret from each other or did you share?

Secret, it was a nice surprise!

Would you change anything about your vows?

No, loved them!

What are the things you would never change?

Everything. I feel that it all happened the way it did for a reason. The paths we went down literally have brought us here and I wouldn’t want it to change!

What was your highlight/must have at the reception?

We love our first dance. Cake cutting and speeches.

What would you change if you had your day over again? If anything.

Maybe some of the food.

Top 3 tips

1. Don’t stress, enjoy your day trust in your planning skills

2. Make as many memories as you can and take as many pictures as you want

3. Remember why you’re there, love is the most important thing!

Anything else you would like to share with other couples?

A wedding day is just a day. The love you have with your partner is what matters the most. Hold onto that no matter what. Cherish each other, good and bad.
Kerri Watkins Celebrant gently touching the groom encouraging him to breathe in the moment
You've got this, breathe and take in the moment, here she comes!

Who were your vendors?

Riverlife Wedding Planner: Kayla Gutierrez

Wedding dress - Luv Bridal

Bridesmaids - The Gown House

Suits - Connor

Paige boy outfits - Target

DJ/ MC - G&M events

Hair/Make up - Sarah Harrington

Placecards - Katrina Louise Design

Rings and Jewellery - Michael Hill Jeweller

Transport - Brisbane Limos

Stationery/Invitations - Handmade with Etsy templates

Videographer - Dan Vonhoff

How would you describe your vendors?

Amazing! All of them outdid themselves.

How did you choose your vendors?

I tried to find a lot of local businesses. Due to the pandemic, I wanted to give back. Instagram helped a lot with that.

Do you recommend your vendors?

Yes 1000%

Website or socials for your vendors

Instagram is where I found most of them!

How would you describe Kerri Watkins Celebrant to other couples?

She was a star! From the beginning to postponing, to finally getting married. Kerri was there every step of the way and nothing was too much or any trouble. She is a caring, funny, professional and wonderful lady! We wouldn’t have wanted to be married by anyone else xoxo

Kerri Watkins Celebrant proudly standing between her glowing couple
How spoilt am I? Look at them!

Kaytlyn and Peter got married in an unplugged ceremony in front of their treasured family and friends at the beautiful Riverlife Weddings, surrounded by all those that love them. Their theme was a relaxed and rustic charm with hues of navy, burgundy, silver and the most stunning flowers from Forage and Everlast.

But before the ceremony went unplugged, we did give the guests 1 minute. 1 minute to take a selfie and share with the couple along with their words of advice and how they couldn't wait to celebrate with Kaytlyn and Peter.

Kaytlyn and Peter described their family and friends as "the people they can laugh with and create memories with, and that their family and friends are their pillars of safety, love and acceptance". How lucky are they to have such an amazing cheer squad on their side?

Kaytlyn and Peter first met at McDonald's drive-through 10 years earlier. Kaytlyn of course tolerated Peter’s poor humour, his tattoo and his muscles. And I was told that Kaytlyn gave as good as she got, and that her heart is paved with chocolate - how could Peter possibly go wrong!

On their wedding day, they promised to love each other, even when Peter sucks air through his teeth and Kaytlyn nags and takes over the bed. They also promised to always love and protect their handsome sons, Lincoln and Jude.

Here's a snippet from Kaytlyn’s vows:

"But of all the people in the world, I’m glad your my special kind of crazy. So many memories, so many left to make. There isn’t anyone else I’d rather do life with, sleep deprivation with, the highs and the lows, the rich and the poor moments. Whatever life throws at us wherever it leads, I know that as long as you are there, that is where I am meant to be."

Here's a snippet from Peter’s vows:

"I promise to be there for as many soon to be treasured moments with you and our boys. I promise we’ll push through life together despite any obstacles we may face big or small, I promise to always encourage you to be your best and take on any change you want to make in life."
Just married and walking back through their family and friends.
Walking on sunshine!

It's such a humbling experience to be part of my couples' lives. Especially when I see my past couples and their families and watch them grow. Kaytlyn and Peter had previously seen me in action but when they shared more kind words, I couldn't help but share them with you here.

"Kerri is an amazing celebrant, but more than that an amazing person. She went above and beyond to make sure our ceremony was everything we could have imagined. She is kind, funny and caring - all these things make her the best fit for any couple wanting to tie the knot. We are so grateful that we met Kerri and I can’t recommend her enough!"

Would you like to sneak a peek at Peter and Kaytlyn's highlight film from Dan Vonhoff to get a vibe for their day and the love that they all share?

I'll be honest, Kaytlyn’s sister’s speech made me cry - seriously! She quoted Edgar Allan Poe’s words “we love with a love that was more than love” and tied that quote back to her love for her favourite people! <insert Happy Tears>!!!!

Nawwww Peter and Kaytlyn, how lucky are you!

Check out Dan's video here.

Kaytlyn and Peter holding their gorgeous sons
Beautiful family pic - look at those eyes!!!!!

Kaytlyn and Peter, thank you for sharing your journey with me and I cannot wait to see where the future takes you all. Wishing you all the love, joy and happiness in the world. xxx

Are you looking for vow inspiration so you too can have secret epic wedding vows? You will find my tips here.

All magical photos captured by the gorgeous Sophie Baker Photography.

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