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The White House of Waterford Wedding | Simonè & Chris | Kerri Watkins Celebrant

Updated: Jan 5

Simonè and Chris, my heart! These guys were a dream to work with and I feel so blessed that I could write a ceremony that reflected them as a couple and share their journey with them.

Simonè and Chris were looking for a venue that provided an all-inclusive package and a team that they could share their ideas with, and trust that their team would pull it together.

After frequent date nights to The White House of Waterford, where they have become VIP’s and friends, often visiting with their beloved pooches, it was only natural that they would choose our package for their wedding.

So together with my girl Kylie Williams from KWP Studios Flagstone and Bec and Leigh from The White House of Waterford we pulled together a magical day for Chris and Simonè (even if that was without all of their farm animals - but they did have their engagement shoot at home on their farm).

You can read all about Simonè & Chris's ceremony below, but firstly, let me share with you their tips and advice on how to have the weddings you've always dreamt of. (That's right "weddings" - there were 2)!

Simonè and Chris's just married - the look of love

What were your hopes and dreams for your wedding ceremony?

Simple, easy going, humour & emotion

What were you worried about or didn't know when planning your ceremony?

Everything. That's why we cannot believe how lucky we were to have Kerri by our side

What are you thankful for?

Kerri and the team she works with!

How would you describe the feel of your ceremony?

We had so many comments from guests saying it was one of the most emotional and beautiful ceremonies they had ever been to. I agree, we wouldn't have changed a single thing.

Where did you get your vow writing inspiration?

Kerri. She helped us with little hints and tips. She also checked in on us to see how we were going.

Did you keep them secret from each other or did you share?

Secret squirrel vows! Loved this idea!

Would you change anything about your vows?


What are the things you would never change?

I wouldn't change a single thing about our wedding day

What was your highlight/must have at the reception?

We were so lucky that our venue, staff, food, and vendors were above amazing. I couldn't pick 1 thing that was better than the other. Everyone and everything was amazing.

What would you change if you had your day over again? If anything.


We had so many comments from guests saying it was one of the most emotional and beautiful ceremonies they had ever been to. I agree, we wouldn't have changed a single thing.

Top 3 tips

  1. Don't sweat the small things.

  2. Take a minute aside to stop and appreciate the amazing people there helping you celebrate your big day.

  3. EAT when you can.

Anything else you would like to share with other couples?

Making sure you have an amazing team next to you when planning your wedding, will definitely make sure you have the best day.

Who were your vendors?

The Whitehouse of Waterford - Bec and Leigh (now known as La Casetta Italian Kitchen)

How would you describe your vendors?

AMAZING! each and every one of them!

How did you choose your vendors?

Help from Bec, Kerri &, Kylie from The Whitehouse

Do you recommend your vendors?

Without a doubt!

How would you describe Kerri Watkins Celebrant to other couples?

She is laid back, funny, heartwarming and REAL! She listened to everything we wanted and made it work! She is supportive, and caring and made sure she was there whenever you needed help with anything. Blessed is an understatement when it comes to having her by your side and leading your ceremony.

Simonè, Chris and Jack with Kerri Watkins Celebrant

Chris and Simonè met at work and their first date was a sickie where they pub crawled their way down the coast for lunch and a trip through INFINITY. They quickly grew together as a team and share a forever bond.

Chris shared that after all the childish and silly things he does or says, Simonè still accepts him and secretly loves him for it too, because after all, he is just a big kid that wants to play! And Chris promised to love Simonè even when he has a million missed calls on his phone just to ask him how his day is.

Simonè promised to support Chris, love him, always work through their problems together, refrain from buying animals behind his back and most importantly, to be a loving and devoted stepmom to Jack.

Yes, their were tears and a whole lot of laughter!

Chris and Simonè couldn’t have all of Simonè’s family there on the day, so they had 2 weddings - OMG I can’t believe they pulled it off twice. One here in Australia and another in South Africa. You should see the photo with the cutest giraffe :O

After being walked down the aisle by Simonè's dad, she then had her gorgeous Grandmother by her side. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty special moment and I may have shed a tear. But this tear was quickly turned into laughter with Chris's son, Jack, making sure his dad was ok. Nawwwww.

We also included a First Kiss, Last Kiss ceremony where the mums came forward during the ceremony.

The mothers of the bride and groom will now come forward as we honour them as mums and to help us with the next part of the ceremony.

Both mums come forward and stand next to their child.

And now family and friends, it is time for Chris and Simone’s last kiss as singles before they become husband and wife.

Simone and her mum Deborah and Chris and his mum Patricia, will now offer this kiss.

These mother’s their lips were the first to kiss them and bring them into this world and today a mother’s love – together with their blessings – will be first to send them on their way to their new life together as husband and as wife.

Mums. . . please kiss the Bride and Groom!

I’m so blessed that I now get to call Chris and Simonè friends, the whole team does! We love their easy-going nature, their ability to laugh (and cry - hey Chris), and the fact that these two are just super lovely, down to earth, special people. You can't help but laugh and smile when you are around this pair. Simonè's smile lights up the world and Chris has you constantly in hysterics. Love them!

I’m so honoured that I could stand up there beside them on wedding day # 1 and share their life journey unfolding.

More kind words...

Kerri, we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us.

From open communication, amazing personality, your love for love and patience, in what can be such a stressful time. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs the best celebrant in town!

Thank you Chris and Simonè for entrusting the team and me with your day! So many beautiful happy memories. So many days and nights of sore faces from the laughter and the smiles.

Big love, Kerri xox

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