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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

I believe the 3 hardest components to planning a wedding are:

  1. Choosing a venue

  2. Finding the right celebrant

  3. Investing in photography

So that's where we will kick-off #kwcwisdom

The rest will fall into place - I promise!

Venues Venues Venues - where to start?

Do you have a favourite spot? A favourite restaurant close by?

Do you want an all in one venue where you can get ready, have your ceremony, get photos done, enjoy your reception party, then fall asleep without driving anywhere?

Do you want onsite accommodation or accommodation close by?

Do you want rainforest theme? Beach theme? Chapel? Winery? Garden? Water views? Country feel?

Do you want to set up at home? Do you just want the legal's (that's for another post)? Or to elope (that's for another post too)?

You get it - the options are endless…

Once you have narrowed your choices down, I suggest visiting - meeting with their venue coordinator if they have one. If you are a year out from your venue - visit the same time you envision your ceremony - does it feel right???

Hint: always call first so that they know you are coming and can dedicate some time to giving you information and showing you around.

Stalk them - not in the hide behind the bushes kind of stalk, but look at their socials, visit their website, read their reviews…. And if you are on the wedding group pages, ask previous couples for their experience with the venue… What were the staff like? Did they help on the day? What was the food like (important right)? And my favourite - were their drinks cold??

You will know when you find the one! Just like your partner! You will feel warm and fuzzy and you just couldn't imagine your day anywhere else!

I have been blessed with marrying couples at all styles of venues so if you are after anything in particular - please let me know and I'm happy to share my experiences! Or put your request below and my peeps will help too!!

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