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Wedding Date Help: The Magic Behind The Day

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Throughout my journey as a celebrant, there's a consistent and heartwarming trend I have noticed. The wedding date couples choose isn't just a mark on a calendar; they are deeply symbolic choices - often telling stories of love, memories, and dreams. Whether it's commemorating the first day they met, an intimate proposal memory, a tribute to a family member's birthday, or the enchantment of numbers like infinity sequences or auspicious Chinese numbers. Every date has a story to tell.

My story? Pauly and I tied the knot on a... THURSDAY! Why? Besides being the significant date of our first official "meeting", it gave us a wedding that was light on the pocket with perks like a less costly venue and budget-friendly celebrant fees. Plus, who can resist the lure of a 4-day weekend? I know my nearest and dearest sure enjoyed it haha

So what wedding date to choose if you aren't choosing a memorable date, but making a new one instead?

Weekdays vs. Weekends Weddings: The Debate

While weekend weddings and those that include a public holiday might seem the obvious choice for many due to convenience, there’s a growing trend toward weekday weddings. It's not just about saving money (though that's a big plus). It's also about venue availability, having your favourite wedding vendor available, a more intimate gathering, and sometimes, it's just about having that specific date which holds a personal meaning to you both.

Helpful Wedding Date Tips & Insights

While choosing your wedding date remains a personal choice, there are some universal considerations every couple can ponder:

Wedding Seasonality:

Want a winter wonderland or a sun-kissed summer ceremony?

Wedding Budget:

Some days are undoubtedly more cost-effective.

Wedding Guest Availability:

Weekends might work better for distant relatives and friends.

Favourite Wedding Vendor Availability:

Your favourite or must have wedding vendor isn't available on your chosen date.

For those seeking more inspiration, I found a brilliant article over at The Wedding Play Book. It has insights on everything from milestones to budget considerations. Check it out: The Wedding Play Book's Guide. (No affiliation, just sharing the love!)

Love in the Air: Your Stories

Recently, I officiated a wedding on 4th May. The couple playfully said they chose it so that the other partner never forgot (Avid Star-Wars fan)! Another went for the anniversary of their first date. And another chose it just because I was available! (How lucky am I?)

I'm curious, how did you pick, or how are you planning to choose your "I Do" wedding date? Share your stories below - the quirky, the sentimental, and of course - the utterly romantic!

Picture of Kerri Watkins Celebrant and her husband sharing how they chose their wedding date.
We chose the day we first met!

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