Wedding Date Help

Updated: Mar 26

In my time as a celebrant, most wedding dates have been chosen due to the sentimental or symbolic meaning of the date - an anniversary of first meeting, proposal date, Nan's birthday, infinity numbers, Chinese lucky numbers, first date - and we did this ourselves, which meant we had a THURSDAY wedding!!!! Yayyyy!!! Cheaper venue, cheaper celebrant, 4 day weekend!!!!!

But when choosing a date - how do you do it? This one only you can decide… but I did come across a great article at The Wedding Play Book which may assist you!! You can read it here: covers sentimental value, milestone, memory game, getaway, weather, family, favourite flower, venue, work, piggy bank, lucky number, Public Holiday, breathing room, favourite time of year I have no affiliation with this website, I just thought it was short and sweet and covered all the suggestions :)

How did you choose your date?

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