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Welcome to the 2021 Wedding Season COVID Shit Show!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Welcome to the 2021 Wedding Season! It is the ever-changing, but almost predictable COVID lock-down shit show. My heart is breaking! So many of my couples are changing plans - again! And so many of my wedding business colleagues are doing it tough! And I’m saddened to see so many couples saying “I’m not even excited about my wedding anymore”.

But what can I do? We are all in the same boat together, but we are all riding our own waves!

My promise to my couples since the shituation started in March 2019, was that if we do go into a lockdown, and I can still legally get you married, I will! And, then at a later date, we can celebrate with a kickass vow renewal!

I know this isn’t ideal for so many couples, who have spent thousands and months of their journey planning their big day, to not be able to share it with their treasured loved ones, who may be in another state, another country, or like this weekend, 1km outside of the zone.

But, what I am noticing, and I have to admit (this makes my heart pretty full) is that my couples JUST WANT TO BE MARRIED! They are over the rescheduling, the heartache of what could have been, and are now focusing on what truly matters. JUST THEM!

So what I’m proposing for now and until who knows when is that couples focus on THEM!

Make your day about you!

Share your love story - with each other!

Yes of course there have to be 2 witnesses, and how the hell are you supposed to pick them, so I’m going to help you. Have you considered this? 1 x Amazing Photographer to capture your love for each other and 1 x Amazing Videographer to capture your vows to each other? Honestly, what more do you need? You’re not upsetting any family or friends by “choosing one over the other”. You are still having your moment captured in the most intimate of ways.

You could even have your ceremony live-streamed to your nearest and dearest from the comfort of their own home, drink in hand to celebrate YOU!

And, if, and when, you are ready to share your love story with the world, celebrate with the party!!!!!

Have your family and friends come together, watch the replay of your intimate ceremony, and then at the end of the video, your MC, your celebrant (if you are renewing your vows), or whoever you choose - Announces YOU!

Just imagine, it would be like you have been married in your very own private intimate ceremony, and then you are being welcomed to your reception like the rockstar you are! It just might be a few months or years later ;)

So what have you got to lose? Apart from your sanity! Choose each other! Choose your marriage over your wedding! Choose love!

And if you are loving this idea and are still on the hunt for a celebrant, check out my legals only ceremony (currently discounted until November) at the link below. It’s cheaper than the Registry Office, the parking is free and the celebrant will get you #hitchedwithlove

“I just looked through our wedding photos and Facebook memories of the day and felt so many emotions thinking back on that special moment in our lives. Thank you for making our wedding dream come true. I don’t regret the intimate, legals only ceremony one little bit. It was absolutely perfect. Thanks for making it so special.” ~ Cass and Simon

How are you going to get married?

And if you're not sure and just need someone to talk to (or vent too), I'm totally ok with you giving me a buzz.

Kerri xx

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