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What's On Trend For 2020?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Soooooo…. What's on trend for 2020 weddings? Well I did some research and you know what I decided? It's anything you want - that's what is on trend for 2020!

My motto or my slogan or whatever you want to call it is and always will be: "Let all that you do, be done in love... Your Day, Your Way—Cherish the Magic!"

It is YOUR day! And YOU should do it YOUR way!!! If you are planning your wedding with love in your hearts - that is all that matters!!!

Over the coming weeks, I am going to be sharing with you some KWC Wisdom and components to your ceremony that YOU MAY like to incorporate… but what I do ask - is that you are true to yourself and your partner!

Your Wedding, Your Ceremony - is the start of a new chapter in a book that you are already writing… In reality - it's the paper that makes your love legal! And some couples choose an intimate legal's only ceremony and other couples choose a ceremony and reception - everyone chooses a different ceremony for a different reason - and that's what I love about my couples - they are uniquely THEM!

Here's a sneakpeak of what's coming up - but if you can't wait ;) hit me up now!




Wedding Date

Just Want to Get Married


Surprise Wedding

Sunrise Wedding

Sunset Wedding

Beach Wedding

Choosing a Bridal Party

Writing or Choosing your Vows

Honouring Loved Ones Past


Music - before, during, after

What Do I Do With My Engagement Ring

What Do We Need In Our Ceremony

Backup Plan

Unplugged V Plugged

On The Day

Changing My Name

Leaving a Review

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