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Why running late is no longer cool

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Ok, so gone are the days where it is "traditional" or "expected" that the bride (or groom) run late to their own wedding!!

Think about it… your guests (and vendors) have most likely spent hours getting themselves ready and travelling to your venue, ensuring they have wee'd and are hydrated and are early because they don't want to miss your arrival. Sometimes our venues are HOT or WINDY or RAINY… or worse, have no drink station or toilets close by **EEK insert scared squeal here**! Let's be honest - even though they LOVE YOU, they are going to be peeved if they have to wait longer than the start time - it doesn't matter how epic your arrival and your ceremony is. It's just bloody rude!

So, how do we avoid the "running late":

  • Plan to be there on time, or even 5 minutes earlier where you can park or hide around a corner, gather yourself (wee if you need to and have a cold drink) and give yourself a minute to breathe before your big walk.

  • Give your guests notice on their invites such as please arrive by 2.30pm for a 3.00pm ceremony - this does a number of things: It lets them know when you need them by and when the ceremony is going to start, so if they arrive at 2.30pm they know that they have time for a wee walk and a drink and a mingle before the ceremony starts. It also gives your guests a chance to get some photos of each other and relax - noone is rushed!

  • Ensure your vendors know your expected arrival time - tell them that you plan to be there 2.30pm for a 3.00pm ceremony - this gives you half an hour for mishaps (sometimes they happen - traffic, breakdown, wee stops ;))

  • Designate a "timekeeper" - someone you trust to keep you and your tribe on schedule leading up to leaving time. Note: Timekeeper - don't remind them the time every 5 minutes hahahaha but you know what I mean, keep everyone on schedule - or make calls to your vendors if you are running late. Venue, photographer, celebrant and caterer…

Flow on affects:

  • If you are late just half an hour, that gives you half an hour less with your photographer or mingling with your guests prior to your reception - you don't want to miss sunset photos if you are doing them

  • Does this mean that you have your transport for less time?

  • It pushes your catering back - cold food - eek, less food - shock, less drinking time - boo ;)

  • And a whole lot more that I haven't listed here…

Allowances will of course be made for traffic or breakdowns - scenarios that are out of your control - but let someone know!!!! Your celebrant is a great choice to let know because we have your guests attention and we can notify everyone that now is a good opportunity for those that need to wee or need a drink or to sit in the shade etc… and we can let your venue know too :)

Ok, so there's a lot of "wee's" in this post - it's the number 1 complaint when ceremonies run late from the groom to granny to kids to celebrant (aka me) ;)

And… if you are late… still breathe!!!! You will still have your magical day - just a few less minutes with your treasured family and friends ;)

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