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Celebrant Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 27

So you are meeting with your prospective Celebrant, and you've got some questions? That's great news, it's so important that you meet with one, two, three, or however many it takes to find the right one that suits your vibe and your hopes and dreams and your vision for your day! And let's be honest, who you can't imagine not standing with you on the day.

Happy couple laughing with their celebrant delivering the best ceremony to suit their vibe

I've finally compiled the top questions I get asked and some other handy information too on my Frequently Asked Questions page, and I hope you find it super helpful. You can also sign up to the list to get updates 😉

So why is it important for couples to ask Celebrants questions?

By asking questions, you can gather important information about the Celebrant's experience, expertise and the services they offer. This helps you to make an informed decision about whether or not the Celebrant is right for your needs.

There are so many Celebrants out there now (currently 10k+ in Australia), and we all offer a range of services, so by asking us questions, it allows you to understand the options available to you, and to make sure that you can work with them to create your dream ceremony.

Asking questions will also assist you with identifying if they align with your vision and your values for your ceremony. You can check out their style, their approach and, of course, their personality. This is the big one. Do they get you?

Compatibility is crucial for creating a meaningful and personalised ceremony experience, and you should think of it like dating - but with your Celebrant😉

Asking your Celebrant questions also helps clarify expectations and to ensure that the Celebrant understands your requirements. You may have logistics or timeline concerns and must-have ceremony requirements, and by asking your Celebrant these questions, you can all be on the same page from the initial conversation. This helps eliminate any misunderstandings and ensures that your ceremony reflects your desires. Remember, your day, your way!

By asking your Celebrant questions, you will also build rapport and trust with them. Do they listen to your questions and provide helpful guidance? Or do they brush you off like you should know the answers? Man, I hope not on this one, otherwise ditch them to the curb 😝

At the end of the day, you don't know what you don't ask, so make sure you have your list of questions ready when you touch base with prospective Celebrants.

HOT TIP: Read their reviews to get an idea of their vibe and the type of service you will receive!

Here are a couple of examples of what you should be looking for when looking at Celebrant reviews.

3 screenshots of example Celebrant Reviews for Moreton Island Celebrant showing the type of ceremony and the type of service that they received
5 example Celebrant Reviews for Moreton Island Celebrant and Kerri Watkins Celebrant showing the type of ceremony and the type of service that engaged couples received on their wedding day

And if you are considering me for your ceremony, check out my Frequently Asked Questions page and schedule your obligation-free chat here.

Let me know below what you think my number 1 Celebrant question is. I promise it's not what you think it will be 😉


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