Finding the right Celebrant

Updated: Mar 26

Like venues - where to start?

There are so many amazing celebrants around now and no 2 are the same! We all offer the legal components because we legally have to - we have to receive your NOIM, we have to sight your ID, we have to say certain words, we have to lodge your marriage, we have to make sure your couple and your guests can hear us (so most of us supply a PA) and we have to lodge your paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages - but as far as personalising your ceremony - that's where we all differ. We all have different personalities, we all have will's and will not's (aka snakes and bungie from my previous post), we all provide different options…

But HOW do you pick one? I did a recent survey to find out and the top 2 hits were: Vibe and Price….

So, here's my top tips!

  • Do we fit?

  • Do you get a vibe?

  • Pick someone that you truly feel comfortable in sharing your journey with - at the end of the day - do you want this someone standing up there with you when you say I do and do you want this someone to know your life story?

  • Do they offer you support and guidance? Or do they just "turn up"?

  • What do they offer for your ceremony - do you just get a choice of script?

  • Can you personalise your script?

  • Do you get a rehearsal (although suggested - not a legal component)…

  • Stalk us ;) check out our socials, ask your friends or family if you have seen them in action and want to know how their experience was, read reviews - call and have a chat!

  • Don't base your decision on price alone! Many of us spend hours and hours behind the scenes preparing your ceremony and ensuring all of the components of your ceremony are PERFECT! We don't just turn up and do a 20 minute ceremony! Sometimes we drive hours and hours to share your day with you. And sometimes - cheap isn't always nasty! And sometimes expensive - isn't always the best! And sometimes - we offer crazy specials because we love what we do and we want to do it all year round - not just "wedding season" ;) Value their time and the heart they put in and make your decision based on trust and vibe ;)

  • If you are looking for an amazing celebrant and I am not your vibe - ask me for my suggestions - I've got a great network and we'll find your fit!!!!!

Your turn - why did you choose your celebrant?

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