Why leave a review?

Reviews are so important to a small business. Let's be honest - to any business, but why are they sooooo important - good or bad?

For me a review is important because it keeps me honest. I want to know that I have performed my role as your celebrant to your satisfaction. Not just the ceremony, but the entire journey. From first contact, our meetings, our communication process, to the delivery of your ceremony and, even the after service such as obtaining your marriage certificate on your behalf and the delivery. Did I present myself well? Did I articulate my words - how good I am with pronunciation - some of you will see that when we meet I write your name how it sounds opposed to how it is spelt. Not because I can't spell :P because I want to say your name right!!!

Reviews let others know your experience - can this chicka be trusted with one of the most important days of your lives? If you were to have your time over again - would you have her as your celebrant? Your real life experience helps others decide whether they should even contact me, let alone book me for their special day!!!

How has she overcome any unforeseen circumstances - sorry guys, I can't control the weather, but we can dance in the rain!!!

Reviews help me with my ongoing learning development - what areas do I need to work on, what areas are you telling me I rock at! And I'm not going to lie, it's an awesome boost to the confidence and one of the most important thank you gifts I can receive - your words!!!!

So…. How can you leave a review? I am so glad you ask :P Google, Facebook, Email, Text, Thank you card - any way you want to get in contact - and I love photos!!!! Just saying.

To all my amazing couples that have already left me a review - thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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