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Legals only wedding, a Registry Office alternative - with heart!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

In 2018, I married Cassandra and Simon in my first legals only ceremony on my property! They were my "guinea pigs" and they also made me fall in love!!!

Their ceremony made me realise that not everyone wants the "big celebration". Some people just want to get married! Their day, their way!!!!

Look at them!!!! My heart!!! Captured by Kylie Williams Photography

Although my "short and sweet" legals only ceremony is exactly that - it's short and sweet and a beautiful registry office alternative, my couples are welcome, and encouraged to write their own personal vows to include in their ceremony.

That's what made Cassandra and Simon's ceremony so beautiful. It was just them, their 2 witnesses, their two girls and my girl Kylie Williams Photography celebrating their love and commitment to each other. There were tears, laughter, dancing and fun - and most importantly, the most raw and emotional promises to each other for a lifetime together!

Cassandra and Simon committed to each other for an eternity in a ceremony that was unique to them!

Don't take my word for it, here's what Cassandra had to say...

"Kerri was amazing! From the day I met her, actually, messaged her, I felt I could just relax, be myself, and know my elopement would be perfect. She is so friendly, down to earth and accomodating! My wedding day was wonderful and more than I had hoped for. Kerri’s property was an amazing place for our ceremony with so many photo opportunities! Thank you Kerri!"

So... why am I sharing with you information on my legals only ceremony? Because in light of the current pandemic, I get it! Some couples are screaming with joy at the thought of dodging the big ceremony and opting for keeping it personal. You may have seen these ceremonies described as elope, eloping, micro weddings and registry office alternative - all of these are true. But guess what, at the end of the ceremony you are legally married!

Why are people opting for a legals only ceremony over the BIG wedding?

- Freedom to celebrate their love their way!

- They don't want to wait!

- Making it legal in Australia, but celebrating overseas whether that be another

ceremony or opting for the big honeymoon at a later date.

- Financial or work commitments.

- Just want to be married without the fuss!

- A cheap alternative ceremony to the big fancy wedding.

- Because they just want to be married!

How do you get married in a legals only ceremony?

Here are my 5 steps:

1. Check availability and book with KWC

2. Complete your Notice of Intent to Marriage (NOIM) and have your signatures

witnessed by:

2.1 An authorised witness and submit your witnessed NOIM by email including your

ID (see below); or

2.2 Arrange a meeting with KWC to complete and sign your NOIM.

3. One month later, you can be married with 2 witnesses over the age of 18.

4. On the day, arrive 10 minutes early to sign the final declaration known as the

Declaration of No Legal Impediment.

5. Get married!

What ID's do you need?

The following can be emailed or sent as a picture to KWC, or brought to your meeting:

1. Drivers licence and original birth certificate OR Passport (can be expired but not


2. If you have been married before, divorce or death certificate

3. If you would like KWC to apply for your Official certificate of marriage from Births,

Deaths and Marriages - a utility bill that shows your address

What do you wear?

Whatever you want! That's the joy of a legals only ceremony, you can arrive in full bridal attire, or your uggies or thongs!

There is no dress requirement, just that you have clothes on please :)

Where can you have your legals only ceremony?

Anywhere you want!!! Note: an additional travel charge may apply depending on your location.

How long does a legals only ceremony go for?

The script itself is 5 minutes long and it covers a short and sweet introduction, the legal monitum, the legal vows and signing the register, but the ceremony can be extended by personalising with your personal vows.

Can you see the set script?

Most definitely, an example script will be discussed/shown to you upon booking.

Can you have a personalised script instead of the set script?

Most definitely but an additional charge will apply.

How much is a legals only ceremony?

You can check out all the inclusions here.

How do we check availability and book or I have another question?

You are welcome to call, text, email, private message or contact Kerri via the contact page.

What are you waiting for?

Kerri x

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