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Bulwer Wrecks Moreton Island Beach Wedding with Relaxed Bronnie and Jason

Updated: Jan 5

My heart, Jason and Bronnie! #hitchedwithlove with their feet in the water during their intimate beach wedding elopement at Bulwer Wrecks, Moreton Island.

If I had to sum their day up in two words - ABSOFREAKING PERFECT!

Intimate beach wedding at Bulwer Wrecks, Moreton Island with Moreton Island Celebrant from Moreton Island Weddings

Jason and Bronnie are the cutest couple, full of fun and adventure. And although they had two slight hiccups on their day, they took everything in their stride, with grins on their faces and love and laughter in their hearts.

They said their I do’s and shared their sweetest and funniest vows all while standing in the water with waves crashing around their feet, surrounded by their parents and siblings.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was absolutely gorgeous! A perfect March day - warm but with the right amount of breeze surrounding us, topped off with the most breathtaking grazing and styling by no other than Clare at Sunset Picnics and Platters.

And on my way back to my island home, I saw not one, but two pairs of Eagles flying together enjoying the magical sunsets that can only be found on Moreton Island, our tropical paradise.

I asked Jason and Bronnie to share with you their hopes and dreams and their vision for their wedding day, how epic are their responses!

What Was Your Vision For Your Wedding Day And Your Beach Wedding Ceremony?

On the beach, in the water, cruzy as and relaxed. Done our way. Sunset!

What Was Your Biggest Concern When Planning Your Beach Wedding Ceremony?

Getting stuck on the bypass and being late. We were keen as to get hitched!

What Is Your Favourite Memory From The Planning Process?

Confirming we could get married at our favourite island. How easy and stress free it all was to work with Kerri and her caterer suggestion, from the meeting up on the island to the emails and video calls etc and how chilled it all was.

What Is Your Favourite Memory From The Beach Ceremony Or Your Wedding Day?

Seeing Jason's face when he saw me before we left for the ceremony. The guard of honour from the randoms that got us through bogged cars. Standing barefoot in the water together saying our vows and hearing them for the first time with our absolute favourite person. Laughing and mooching together.

If You Could Tell A Newly Engaged Couple One Thing for their Moreton Island Beach Wedding or Elopement, What Would It Be?

  • Don't do shoes feel the sand and the earth.

  • Be you, the day is for the 2 of you. It's not a stage show for your family, friends or anyone else.

  • It's not about how much alcohol you provide or the menu.

  • If the planning feels too hard it probably is - bring it back to you two!

  • P.s. don't spend thousands on a dress you'll never wear again 😁(And make sure the celebrant brings a spare safety-pin - now in my Moreton emergency pack)

  • Don't do traditional and don't feel you have to if it's not you.

  • Go together and have that first glimpse and time together before ceremony.

  • Remember why you are getting married.

  • Yep more than one thing again lol (Oh Bronnie, I love you!!)

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Share About Your Moreton Island Wedding?

  • If getting married on the island be aware of those with low profile tyres... They will get bogged.....Also those that don't think they need to deflate enough... They will also get bogged...

  • Ask for that early check in.

  • You are not responsible for others, do you two as a priority always.

  • Do it your way it's your day. (Kerri's motto for all clients - Let all that you do, be done in love... Your Day, Your Way - Cherish the Magic! Soooooo thrilled to hear this is your advice too guys x)

Happy couple just married at Bulwer Wrecks on Moreton Island standing on the beach in front of the wrecks after their intimate beach wedding

What Was One Valuable Piece Of Advice That Kerri Shared With You?

  • Write your vows the way you both talk to each other.

  • Be true to yourself and have fun on the day.

  • BREATH (very helpful after getting stuck with bogged cars on the way).

Why Did You Choose and How Was The Overall Experience Of Working With Kerri Watkins Celebrant and Moreton Island Celebrant?

She is a Moretonite and all round, easy going happy chappy 😁 as per our Facebook stalking while researching celebrants.

Awesome! Just too easy. All the positives even when we were a bit disorganised at times. Definitely kept us at ease and nothing was an issue. Super helpful!

Jason and Bronnie also left this amazing 5-star ★★★★★ Google Review on Moreton Island Celebrant, how blessed am I!

Cannot recommend highly enough!! Let Kerri guide you on your perfect day. Stress less and do it your way with her help. Still awed at how easy and carefree the whole process was. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. Best day eva ❤️ J&B 23

Thank you Jason and Bronnie for sharing your epic day and your journey with me! It truly felt like marrying my besties, so much love for you both xxx

Waves of love are waiting for you on Moreton Island! Click here to plan your ultimate beach elopement or wedding today.

Sunset Picnics and Platters provided the most breathtaking arbour, styling and grazing picnic for Jason and Bronnie's sunset beach reception, and also captured the behind the scenes photo while we were standing in the water for the ceremony. Thank you Clare x

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