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Lightsabers, Proposals, and Vows: An Epic Chronicle of Kat and Mason's Star Wars Inspired Wedding

I'm so excited to share with you all Kat and Mason's Star Wars Inspired Wedding Ceremony. From a mid-ceremony lightsaber duel to see who would go first for vows, to a proposal and the most amazing vows shared!

These guys booked me over 2 years ago, after I married Kat’s brother, who I met through another friend of the family, and we are up to 6 couples in this amazing group. It was so awesome being able to see so many familiar faces on the day!

Kat and Mason had such an incredible vision for their big day - to share with those they loved, their epic story and incorporate their uniqueness and quirkiness! Their ceremony was everything I had hoped for and more, they trusted me to keep the words that would be spoken on their day a surprise to not only their family and friends, but a secret from them, and boy was it worth it!

Star wars inspired wedding party with lightsabers and champagne

Dani and Nikky from Untamed Creative were there to capture the magic and I can't recommend these two legends enough. I mean seriously, I’ve been secretly crushing for a while now and they didn’t disappoint!

Kat and Mason's ceremony and reception were held at Austinvilla Estate, an award-winning Private Estate with guest accommodation nestled in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. I was so fortunate to get to spend the night before, after Kat and Mason's rehearsal, so I was able to truly experience the venue (amazing)! The entire space is absolutely breathtaking, with the most horrendous views and serenity - it was truly awful guys, I hope you feel sorry for me 😜 haha. But in all seriousness, the staff were amazing and I could see how much love they put into each and every one of their couples.

Bridesmaids Rehearsal Hot Tip: "Flowers at pubes not at boobs" I haven't laughed soooo hard in soooo long.... so you betcha that when the girls were walking up, I was mouthing "pubes not boobs" 😝

So let me tell you about their Epic Star Wars Inspired wedding ceremony!

Mason, his guys and I welcomed everyone, then we stepped back out of the ceremony space. I donned a Jedi Cape and tucked my pants into my boots, and of course looked the part, if I do say so myself. We then reentered the open chapel to 🎶 The Mandalorian by Galactic Empire to set the scene of their ceremony - there would be no yawning here!!!! Only tears (yup there were a few), laughter (there was plenty of that) and a whole lot of light-hearted banter!

Kat and her girls then arrived to 🎶 Only Exception by Paramore which was a surprise to Mason, yup, I told you there were a few tears - I’ve shared the moment he saw his breathtaking bride below, and of course Kat’s face seeing him <insert nawwww moment here)>.

"Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, where love was scarce, our hero Mason found himself single and "destitute of love." Meanwhile, Kat was embracing her newfound independence, soaring solo like a fearless falcon – or so she thought. Little did they know, their paths were about to collide in an extraordinary way. These two souls found each other on Tinder and embarked on a journey that has led them to this day. As avid Star Wars fans, Mason and Kat have chosen May the 4th to celebrate their love, ensuring that Mason will of course, never forget their anniversary."

We had the most amazing crowd participation, after a warm-up at the beginning of the ceremony, Kat and Mason's family and friends nailed the crowd vows where they offered to love and support Kat and Mason always and promised to share their best dance moves at the reception.

As a surprise, I invited Mason and Kat to engage in a light-hearted lightsaber duel, symbolising the strength of their love, and to of course, see who would go first with their vows. Kat of course won and went first 😉 My light-sabers had nothing on THEIR real-deal light-sabers, but they got to beat each other for real with mine 😉

And how could I forget mine and Mason's surprise for Kat - you see their engagement didn't involve down on one knee (due to an injury at the time), so I made sure to include this during their ceremony, and quietly I think Kat is pissed with me, because now what will she hold over him for the rest of their lives <insert evil laugh here>.

Kat and Mason shared the most incredible vows with each other, you all know I love a secret squirrel vow and their photos captured exactly why! If you need any assistance writing your own epic wedding vows, head to this blog post or reach out, I’d love to assist you!!!

At the end of the ceremony, Kat and Mason's awesome wedding party created a light-saber tunnel for their exit from the ceremony! Such a great idea and made for some amazing photos.

Kind words from Kat and Mason:

So for our wedding we decided to go with a mini celebrant! 😉😂 (Sorry Kerri, couldn't help myself! 💚) Kerri was absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough! We were lucky enough to have met her at previous weddings and knew from the get go that she was the perfect addition to our day. She embraced every aspect of our quirky and even set up a lightsaber fight mid ceremony. You definitely can't go wrong with Kerri supporting you on your day! 💚

I'm so thrilled these guys trusted me with their story and to create a ceremony that was unique to them and their love story! And I'm even more stoked that I nailed their secret script for them. I was waiting for a few nudges during the ceremony, but instead, I got heads back, laughter and love!!!!

Thank you again for trusting me with your epic wedding ceremony Kat and Mason and wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness and may the force be with you as you travel through the galaxy of life, forever standing in the illumination of your love!

Let me know in the comments, what are you doing during your ceremony to personalise your day, your way?


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