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Music Inspiration for your Wedding Ceremony

If you're looking for Music Inspiration for your Wedding Ceremony, look no further! Here are some great tips for finding the perfect songs for your big day.

First, think about the overall vibe you want to create for your ceremony. Do you want something romantic and classical? Or maybe something more fun and upbeat? Once you have a general idea of the mood you're going for, start brainstorming some specific song ideas.

If you're having trouble finding the right songs, try looking for acoustic or instrumental versions of your favourite tunes. These can often be more versatile and fit a variety of different moods.

Once you've got a few songs in mind, be sure to download them on all of your devices, so you have a backup in case anything goes wrong on the day of the ceremony. And don't forget to share your playlist with your celebrant or whoever will be responsible for playing the music!

Finally, if you're still stuck, head over to my Spotify page (link at the bottom of this page) for some great wedding ceremony music inspiration from past couples. You might be surprised by the variety of genres represented, and you may just find the perfect song for your big day.

More Tips for Wedding Ceremony Music if you aren't having a band or live music

  • Download the music so it can be played offline. We don't want any pesky notifications, or worse - phone calls during the ceremony.

  • Give your celebrant your list, so they have a backup.

  • Nominate someone to press play on the day. Make sure they have a list of what song is being played and when.

  • Bring your AUX adaptor cord to plug into the celebrant's PA system. Most celebrants will provide this, but it is always best to have a backup.

  • I like to use Spotify. I create a playlist, if not provided by the couple, download on ALL of my devices prior to the ceremony, so I have a backup for the backup - hey, music is important to me, and I want to ensure we have it covered.

Can't decide on a song because it doesn't quite fit the vibe of your day? Look at an acoustic or instrumental version of the song ;)

The hairs on my arms still stand up when I hear Nothing Else Matters instrumental version and remember the roar of my couple's family and friends as the bride started walking down the aisle.

Looking for wedding ceremony music inspiration?

Head to my KWC Couples Tunes Spotify List for inspiration on what my past couples have chosen for their ceremony music songs. You will be surprised by the mix of genres, and you may find the perfect song that you didn't even think of.

What ceremony music did KWC have at her wedding?

My Dad and I walked down the boardwalk to meet my boys, who then walked me to their Dad to Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk. It was such a surreal feeling, and I still tear up when I listen to the song. It brings back all the feels of nerves, excitement and love!

We didn't have a walking back up the aisle song because we signed and celebrated where we stood on the deck, and we had Hey Ya by Outkast. I still remember the glasses and cans chinking, the camera snapping, the laughing and the cheering - exactly what we wanted!

If I had my time again, I wouldn't change either of those songs, but I would add in one more - With or Without You by U2 because of the sentimental memory. Pauly and I were sitting on the couch, only a week or 2 into our relationship, and U2 came on the radio. I said, "Oooh, I love U2" he turned to me very seriously while taking my hand and said, "I love you too". Bahahaha, I told him I meant the band, but ok - sure, I love you too :) So, if I had my time again, I would definitely add a U2 song in there somewhere.

TIP: Take some time to listen to different songs and find the ones that speak to you and your relationship. Your wedding ceremony music should be a reflection of your love for one another. Choose songs that are special to you and that will make your ceremony even more memorable.

KWC Couples Tunes on Spotify

Check out my past couples music choices for inspiration for your wedding ceremony below.

What songs are you planning on having during your wedding ceremony? Drop them below to inspire other couples.

Happy Planning!

xox Kerri

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