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Ninja Vows - The Ultimate How-To Guide

Have you ever wished you could hear your partner say the words exactly how YOU want them to say them? Now is your chance! Welcome to Ninja Vows!

Ninja vows, or secret vows, are a fun and unique way to add spice and laughter to your wedding ceremony. They involve each person writing vows for the other to read aloud without knowing what they will say ahead of time. This can result in some hilarious and memorable moments you and your guests will never forget.

If you're considering writing ninja vows for your wedding, then read on for everything you need to know about how to do it. We'll give you tips on what to write and what to expect so that you can make the most of this unique experience.

Not quiet ninja vows but definitely secret vows
Love and fun captured by KWP Studios Flagstone at The White House of Waterford

What are ninja vows?

Couples who opt for ninja vows write vows for each other that are kept secret, right until the moment they are read aloud at the ceremony.

Each person gets to write the vows for the other to read out on the spot! Yup, you won't see what your partner has written until you are holding them in your hand to read them out loud!

Ninja vows are all about surprises, so be prepared for anything!

Think vows that you write for each other rather than for yourself!

They are kept secret until the moment they are read at the ceremony resulting in a lot of fun, sometimes shock value, and a whole lot of laughs.

How to write your ninja vows?

To write your ninja vows, imagine what you would love to hear your partner say during the ceremony, but know they would never agree to.

Here is your chance to write the vows you know they will never agree to say!

Keep them light-hearted and fun!

Ninja vow examples

Here are 27 ninja vow examples to get your thoughts flowing!

  1. "I promise to pick up all my dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket, every day!"

  2. "I promise to let you buy that dream bike once we get back from the honeymoon!"

  3. "I promise to give you a foot massage every Sunday night while I'm watching the footy!"

  4. "Honey, I know you love your shell collection. I promise to help collect shells with you every beach trip we have!"

  5. "I promise not to nag at you every day!"

  6. "I promise to never, ever leave the toilet seat up!"

  7. "I promise not to get mad when you eat the last piece of cake, even though I was saving it for breakfast tomorrow."

  8. "I promise to always be honest with you, even if it means I'll get in trouble."

  9. "I vow to never complain when we are running late, for everything."

  10. "I vow to always arrive on time."

  11. "I will get up every morning, before the sun, to make you breakfast in bed."

  12. "From this day forward, I promise to order my own side of fries."

  13. "I will try not to snore."

  14. "I will always leave the light on for you."

  15. "I will never hog the blankets."

  16. "I will never watch a romantic movie without you."

  17. "I will watch all the romantic movies with you."

  18. "I will wait for you for the next episode on Netflix."

  19. "I promise never to wear Crocs, even around the house."

  20. "I will try new things, even if I don't think I'll like them."

  21. "I will never forget your birthday or our anniversary."

  22. "I will do the dishes without being asked."

  23. "I will put away my laundry without being asked."

  24. "I will always take the dog for a walk, even when it's raining."

  25. "I will always take out the trash, even when it's full."

  26. "I will never leave my socks on the floor."

  27. "I will always put my shoes away."

And lastly, don't forget to throw an "I love you" in there somewhere!

What to expect when reading ninja vows?

When it comes time to read your ninja vows aloud during the ceremony, be prepared for anything!

Your partner may have written something sweet, funny, something completely unexpected or even outrageous.

Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment, knowing that you created a one-of-a-kind experience for yourselves and your guests.

Why do ninja vows?

Why not? The result is a whole lot of fun and laughter - remember, I (or your celebrant) will see them first, so don't panic (too much) ;)

After all, that's what ninja vows are all about - having fun and enjoying the element of surprise!

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about ninja vows and secret vows. Now it's time to start writing your own. Be creative, be funny, and most importantly, be prepared for anything, including a whole lot of love and laughs at your wedding ceremony!

Are you going to include ninja vows in your wedding ceremony? Let me know below!

Ninja vows doesn't sound like your thing? Check out my post on writing epic wedding vows here.

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