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Wedding Ceremony Backup Plan

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

With the recent devastation all over Australia, the traffic conditions on the M1 and Logan Motorway and the recent rain over the past couple of days, I thought it a timely reminder to ensure you have a backup plan.

What is your Wedding Ceremony backup plan?

  • Does your ceremony venue have an alternative space to use in case of wet weather/extreme heat or winds? If it doesn't can you use your reception area?

  • What if you can't get to your ceremony or reception venue?

  • Are there alternative routes?

  • Can your vendors and guests get there by alternative route?

What is my backup plan?

I constantly review the weather forecasts and traffic forecasts for a number of reasons:

  • I leave myself plenty of time to arrive at your venue early and relaxed

  • I'll coordinate with you, your venue or a nominated guest to assist in changing venue at the last minute if required - this may include making calls to your guests advising them of the change of plan

  • I have an In Case of Emergency document that sits on my front seat as I drive to your venue - this tells whoever finds me to call my hubby and tell him I love him, your nominated people and or you (if they can't get them) to advise them of the situation and a list of my go-to celebrants to get to you if I can't make it (I cover all of this at our rehearsal/meeting, but it is handy to know)…

I don't write this to scare you… just to prepare you…. Preparation is key and sometimes a backup plan is overlooked… So this is my friendly reminder :)

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