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Changing my name

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

So what now? You've been #hitchedwithlove and now you want to change your name.

Changing your name after you are married has been described as "such a daunting process", but it doesn't have to be... and to be honest, I have been married since 2007 and I occasionally receive items in my maiden name - you know the ones that you forget about such as that blockbuster membership you had 100 years ago....

I've created a handy changing my name checklist of what, how and where to get you started. It covers most of the name changes you'll need to do. But there will always be those ones that you forgot about - my suggestion for these is, as they come in by mail - change them then :)

Alternatively, click here to choose which companies to notify of your new name! Or, you can download the free name change checklist from easy name change here.

Don't forget I'm a Justice of the Peace, so I am more than happy to certify you some copies of your Official Marriage Certificate when it arrives :)

Another great tip is to scan a copy of your certified copy and the original and email them to yourself, that way you always have a copy on hand and can quickly forward the email to the relevant company that is requesting a copy.

Let me know if I've missed anything on the list in the comments section and I'll be sure to add them to the list.

Updated: Guess what, I've now made the changing your name checklist download print-friendly, if that's your jam, or if you want a PDF copy, reach out!

Happy renaming!!!!

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