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How to plan the perfect elopement

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The elopement is a tradition that has been around for centuries, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon (thanks COVID). There are many reasons why eloping might be the best option for you; from reasons to elope, to eloping planning tips to eloping legalities. We've compiled all of them in one convenient blog post so that you can make an informed decision about your big day!

Top 10 Reasons to Elope

Here are my top 10 reasons to elope during COVID:

  1. Eloping allows the couple to focus on one another and their marriage, rather than the party.

  2. It's spontaneous!!! It's about you and your partner! No one else! But don't forget you need to give one month's notice to your celebrant ;)

  3. Most couples choose to elope because they believe it is less stressful (and they aren't wrong).

  4. Eloping is cheaper than a traditional wedding, giving couples the opportunity to save their wedding funds and buy themselves a new car, go on a fancy honeymoon or buy their dream house (or anything else that they want to spend their money on).

  5. Couples may choose to elope instead of having a large wedding, sometimes with more meaning and intimacy than an elaborate ceremony.

  6. Eloping can be done at any time, day or night.

  7. Eloping can be done on any day of the week.

  8. Deciding to have a small, intimate wedding is one way to avoid awkward social situations

  9. In the event that there is a COVID lockdown, weddings have been able to proceed with the couple, the celebrant, and 2 witnesses, and if not, elopements are much easier to reschedule than a wedding.

  10. You won't regret it, I promise!

Top 10 Planning Tips for your Elopement

  1. Keep it simple: elopements are less complicated than regular weddings and that's a good thing. All you need is the celebrant, the couple, 2 witnesses, rings (if you are exchanging)! Your celebrant will take care of the rest!

  2. Choose a date: is there a specific date or day that is super sentimental to you? Oh, it's a Tuesday in the middle of winter? Perfect!!!! It's your day remember!

  3. Choose a celebrant to get you legally married. Don't forget to make sure you like their vibe!

  4. Choose a photographer to capture the moment.

  5. Choose a videographer to preserve the moment.

  6. Choose a location that is yours - do you have a special spot? Elopements can take place at any location of your choosing. If you don't have a special spot, ask your celebrant if they can recommend a spot. Most celebrants can have you married in a Registry Office Alternative service (save on the parking) ;)

  7. Choose a dress code or no dress code: come in your fancy attire or come in your casuals. You can keep it casual or you can dress up. It's your day!

  8. Write the most amazing wedding vows to your partner. Check out this link for some inspiration.

  9. Apart from the two witnesses (who could be your photographer and videographer), there is no legal requirement to have anyone else there. It's your day!

  10. Remember what the day is about! It's about you and your partner. It's about your love and commitment to each other. Don't get caught up in the "pretties" unless your marriage depends on it.

The legalities of eloping

Eloping has the same legalities as 'getting married' in Australia - woohoo! You can read all about that here, but here is a brief summary for you:

  1. Lodge your Notice of Intent to Marriage with your celebrant between 1 month and 18 months before your wedding date.

  2. Provide the required documentary evidence to your celebrant (drivers licence and birth certificate or passport, and evidence of any previous marriages ending).

  3. Sign a final declaration prior to your elopement starting.

  4. Sign 3 certificates on the day (you get to keep 1 - the commemorative copy).

  5. Kiss - just kidding, this is not legally required!

  6. Optional: apply or ask your celebrant to apply on your behalf, for your Official Certificate of Marriage from Births, Deaths and Marriages. This looks like your birth certificate and is official evidence of your marriage.

So, if you are looking for a wedding that focuses on the couple and your intimate connection, eloping is definitely an option worth considering. Eloping is generally cheaper, less stressful, and more intimate than larger weddings. With elopements becoming more and more popular in today’s world where we want to do what makes us happy, without outside interference, it is an ideal option for many couples. You'll never regret it!

If you have any more questions about how to plan an elopement, contact Kerri here.

If you are looking for a wedding and elopement alternative, check out my legals only ceremony here.

Where do you want to elope too? Drop your ideal elopement dream in the comments!

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