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30 Days of Love and Laughter: My Exciting Celebrant Journey Through a Social Media Challenge

Updated: Jan 5

Hey there, lovers! It's me, your favourite Moreton Island Celebrant, coming at you with a fresh new post. Have you ever wondered what happens when a hopeless romantic and social media shy gal, like myself embarks on a 30-day social media challenge? Spoiler alert: It's a whole lot of fun, heartfelt moments, and (you guessed it) buckets of love!

If you missed the 30-day challenge, don't fret, I've bundled up all the moments in this special recap just for you!

Consider this post a guided tour into the heart of a wedding celebrant, sharing all the magic, the laughs, the intimate moments, and the adventures of Moreton Island Celebrant aka me, Kerri Watkins Celebrant.

So grab a drink, put your feet up, and let’s dive into this ocean of love and laughter together!

Hugeee thanks to The Celebrant Society for inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and share a little of me, with you xx

Day 1 – Who Am I?

Oh hey there! I'm Kerri from Kerri Watkins Celebrant (Moreton Island's favourite celebrant)

I specialise in intimate elopements and beach weddings on Moreton Island and I am dedicated to creating stress-free, unforgettable experiences for couples who crave an intimate celebration of their love on beautiful and unforgettable Moreton Island.

When I'm not hitching lovers you will find me hanging with my faves or enjoying some R&R with my love on Moreton Island.

Lover of the beach, the stars, the moon, sunrises and sunsets, camping, 4wding, and enjoying an Engel cold bourbon 😉

Tell me about you!

Day 2 – Where’s Home?

So where's home for me?

Currently... I am based part-time at Waterford West in South-East Brisbane on a beautiful acre block on the Logan River and part-time on beautiful Moreton Island in a little fishing town at the south-end called Kooringal. My happy place, and my island home.

I've been blessed to do weddings all over Queensland but my heart is calling me home to Moreton Island. This is where I light up!

I absolutely adore all of my couples and each one holds a very special place in my heart, but this year has me with limited spots on the "mainland", so if you are planning on having me as your celebrant, reach out xx

Day 3 – Who Do I Live With?

Who do I live with?

My hunkaspunk hubby and Engel stacker Pauly, and the biggest sooky-la-la rescue baby ever, Womble!

Both have me wrapped around their paws and I wouldn't have life any other way!

Day 4 – Meet one of my Couples

Meet One of My Couples!

Soooooo hard to choose just one! I love you all - I promise!

Meet Bronnie and Jason, #hitchedwithlove at Bulwer Wrecks on Moreton Island!

These guys had me at "can we stand in the water when we get married"! Bronnie and Jason were a dream to work with, and I loved absolutely everything about their planning and their day! They did it for THEM and only THEM! I also got to spend some time with Clare from @sunsetpicnicsandplatters who looked after Jason and Bronnie's styling and sunset beach reception 🙂

Day 5 – Fave or Dream Venue

Fave or Dream Venue!

Again, soooooo hard to choose just one!

But I would have to say an intimate elopement on the beach! There is something magical about my couple standing together in one of the most intimate moments of all time declaring their hearts for an eternity. The sound of the waves... the feel of the sun on your skin... it's just magic!

Day 6 – Pets and Weddings

Pets and Weddings!

Absolutely! Hey, if you need a hand with getting your pet ready, transported to the wedding or looked after, after your wedding or while you are on your honeymoon definitely hit up Stacey from Furry

Day 7 – Fave Song

Fave Song...

I love finding new music - who should I check out?

So what is my favourite song? OMG, I don't have a favourite, I'm one of those chicks that has a mixed bag on my Spotify list and it really depends on my "mood" or what I'm doing! From my "Just do it" playlist to my "fire and drinks on the beach" playlist to my "script writing" playlist to my "getting ready for a wedding" list... you get it....

Today's list: Chris Stapleton, Powderfinger, Johnny Diesel & The Injectors, Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly, The Black Crowes, The Screaming Jets, Hunters & Collectors, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Hollies, Pearl Jam, Pat Benatar, U2, The Angels, Jack Johnson, Sarah McLachlan, The Rolling Stones, Greta Van Fleet, Matchbox Twenty, Luke Combs, Spiderbait, Rhett Atkins, Coldplay, Pink, The Teskey Brothers, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Live, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Rival Sons, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Chris Cornell, INXS, Paramore, Hootie and The Blowfish and the list goes on and on and on.... if you want the link - send me a message 😉

Or if you're looking for music inspiration for your wedding, check out this blog post which has the Spotify list.

Day 8 – Fave Colour

What's my Fave Colour?

"50 Shades of Ocean 😉 And Black 😝 "

I would love to know, when you see my teals and ocean colours, what do you "feel" when you see it? I feel peace and love and heart!

Day 9 – Photographers I love

Who is my fave or dream photographer?

Oh man, I'm going to be honest, I have a hundred million favourites because I've been fortunate enough to work with the most incredible photographers during my celebrant career, and there are way too many of you to list, so if you have worked with me and my beautiful couples, please feel free to plug your business below, or for my gorgeous past couples, tag your dream team below xxx

What I will share with you is what I love about working with my favourites:

✅ non posed photos

✅ someone that makes the "shoot" fun and natural to get the best shots

✅ someone with great communication and whom I can have a laugh with

✅ someone that I vibe with

✅ someone that "delivers" in the lead-up, on the day and after

In my two most recent branding shoots, I worked with Mary from Smile Darling Photos and Kylie from KWP Studios Flagstone - both totally different styles of photography, both an absolute hoot to work with!

Day 10 – My Office

My Workspace!

So I could show you a boring photo of me with no makeup on, but I'd rather show you my favourite workspace - you know where the magic happens 😉

Day 11 – Favourite Reading or Quote

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.”

My fave reading or quote... I have so many inspirational quotes and readings that apply to my business and to my life, but this one applies to my own love story, and also how I feel about my couples. When writing my scripts, I'm invested in you and your love story. I place a little bit of me in there... I create your story through your eyes, and I always create it as my favourite.

This quote is followed closely by "bite me" wink.

What's your favourite reading or quote?

Day 12 – Favourite Flowers

Favourite Flowers?

I'll tell you a little story... once upon a time, before hubby and I were a thing... I told him that I hated flowers, and that they only ever die! Bigggggggg mistake, hugeeeeeeeeeee... I can pretty much count on two hands the amount of flowers that he has given me over our nearly 20 year journey together! I did however tell him that my dream guy would rock up with M&M's and Bourbon ... and he has done this ever since haha... So the point of my post is... they do listen, sometimes 😛

Do you prefer flowers, pot plants (yes please), or M&M's and Bourbon (yes please)?

Day 13 – Roadtrip Anyone?

Did someone say road trip????????? Where is your favourite road trip destination? As you will hear hubby say "let's get away from everybody" - it's our favourite trip across the middle of Moreton Island

Day 14 – Favourite Drink

Post Wedding Drink, yes please!

I get to celebrate one of the most magical days of your lives... so I definitely come home to celebrate YOU with a Cheers!

So what's in the cup I hear you ask... well... I'm a bourbon girl. I love my honey wild turkey on ice and my latest craze is Licor 43 Spanish Liqueur on ice!

What's your go too?

Day 15 – Bloopers at Weddings

Bloopers, we've all got one! This would have to be my absolute biggest, bestest and favourite!!!

So the story goes.... Zane and Jenny... Zane and Jenny... Zane and Jenny... all the way through the ceremony, like the champion I am - I practice!!!! Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... we get to announcing at the end of the ceremony.... Jane and Zenny!!!!


But on a side note, we had a great laugh (as pictured) and I actually had some of Zane and Jenny's friends come up at the end of the ceremony to THANK ME! I was like woah whatttttttttttttttt I totally farked up and they, still laughing... were like NOOOOOOOOOOOO we've been looking for nick names for years.....

Love you Zane and Jenny!!

Day 16 – My Love Story!

My love story...

Once upon a time... a broken girl, sworn off men, was giving herself some timeout from the dating game... the universe had other plans... along came Pauly and woolah!!! Here we are!!!!

I know right, not what you were expecting from a "magical storyteller who specialises in creating intimate and personal ceremonies", right!

I promise, the story is magic, but I only share it with my couples and friends 😜

Day 17 – Wedding Shoes

Shoes! I hate them! I bought some funky heals for my wedding and absolutely cursed my feet the entire day!!! Don't do it to yourself... if you wear flats, wear flats on your day (trust me!!!!)... But I do like a pretty shoe pic, so drop your shoeporn here!

Day 18 – Musicians

Are you having a band, DJ or Spotify playlist for your wedding? Or if you are a muso landing on this post, drop your deets below!

Day 19 – A Celebrant’s Wedding Dress

My wedding dress...

We always laughed that I was an EBAY bride, and did I find my hubby on there... I'm just not that kind of chickey babe - I absolutely hateeeeeeeeeeeeee shopping... unless it's for stationery! *weirdo* but anyway... I measured myself, found a dress online and ordered it from overseas hoping that it would arrive... it didn't fit me the day before the wedding *shock* so I was going to wear my nightie bahahaha but on the day she did up!

In hindsight, I wish I had shopped locally and enjoyed that time with my sis, mum and bestie... but as a time-poor smum, and working full time at the time - it was easy!

Where are you getting your dress from?

Day 20 – Rituals and Traditions

Rituals and Traditions in your Wedding Ceremony...

Please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee only do these if they are IMPORTANT TO YOU BOTH!!! Don't do something "for the sake of doing it" or "because so and so did it"...

Be YOU!!!!!

If you are looking for some inspiration or if you'd like something created specifically for YOU, hit me up!!!

One of my gorgeous couples wanted to do a sand ceremony but they all loveeeeeeeeeeed LEGO and played LEGO every day as a family... so you know it, I wrote them a LEGO UNITY CEREMONY, it's on the blog if you want to check it out!

What NEW tradition or ritual are you starting?

Day 21 – 3 Words to Describe Me

3 Words Best to Describe me...

According to my Google reviews, my clients say that I am:

✅ Professional

✅ Happy

✅ Laughing

I'll take it!!!

3 words to describe myself?


✅ all

✅ my

✅ heart

... ok that's a sneaky 4!

Buttttt that's how I live my life... everything I do, always, with all my heart...

Ps I absolutely love the sass that @KWP_STUDIOS_Flagstone captured in this pic - what do you think?

How would you describe me?

Day 22 – I will never

Nope, No, Nudda...

I will never...

On our day, our celebrant was absolutely amazing, but we never (that I can remember) discussed writing our own wedding vows.

I wanted to say something to my skids on the day, and there was nothing "in my book", so she suggested to write something to them to be read out on the day. I did! We all cried.

But why, why, why didn't I think, in that moment, that I could write something personal for my Pauly? Because I've never been married before and that's what I thought I had to do - pick it out of a freaking book!

So never, never, never, will I ever, ever, ever, let one of my couples ever not have the opportunity to write their own personal vows.

I'm kind of a little bossy (with all my heart remember), ok a lot bossy... BUT, I never want you to have the regret that I still do to this day, so I will gently prompt you 😉

I know not everyone can naturally put their heart and feelings into words, and that's why I offer all of my couples guidance, inspiration and even vow writing sessions. YOU AREN'T ALONE! I GOT YOU!!!!

If you aren't my couple, but you would like some guidance, please reach out x

Day 23 – Celebrants I admire

I cannot believe we are at day 23 of the TCS Photo Challenge, and today we have Celebrants I admire...

This is a long one for you!

There is a celebrant out there for everyone. Like our couples, it is important that we choose couples that we vibe with, and we know that we can make the best ceremony ever. This is why I often refer couples to another celebrant that will give THEM the best ceremony ever! Not that I don't like you. I just know I can't do you or your ceremony the justice you deserve.

But fear not.... Check out these awesome celebuddies!!! So many amazing peeps in the industry that I admire, but can you believe these are the only photos that I have (I hate photos) bahaha

Pic 1

Shekinah @shekinah.leigh

Pic 2 - are you ready...

I'm so lucky to be part of The Celebrant Society - look at this amazing bunch of peeps!!!

Mary took this epic pic from Smile Darling Photography at a Creative Writing Workshop with Ben Ager... so awesome to be part of an amazing society who offers support, guidance a whole lot of inspiration and laughs... and an amazing group of celebuddies who I can call on if ever "stuff" happens and I'm not available for your big day, or already booked...

A few other celebrants I stalk, because I love their vibe, are:

Day 24 – Personal Vows for Your Wedding

Personal Vows ☺

Do I really need a @thecelebrantsociety photo challenge to talk about personal vows? Nope! I'll do this EVERY SINGLE DAY ... this is my jam... my heart... and one of the reasons I became a celebrant.

So, you would have seen my "Nope, No, Nudda" post right? If not, check it out... this one continues on 😉

Anywhoo! THIS PIC... this pic is one of the reasons I secretly bully my couples into "secret squirrel vows"!

The pure joy, love and laughter on the day... the cherished looks of love and wonder... the giggles... the belly laughs... the tears... the "I can't believe you remember that" or "I can't believe you said that" moments.

The personal vows, that are a lifetime of stories and moments, rolled into a couple of heartful minutes, that I promise, you will treasure always.

Look at this pic... Tim and Kate had me in stitches... and yes there were tears (and not just theirs) *Full disclaimer: I'm a sook! Even though I've read them prior, printed them out to bring with me on the day, and almost memorised them word for word so I can help if you get stuck* I will still "nawwwwwwwwwwww" all over your day!

Hit me up if you are looking for inspiration or guidance - I've got you!

Day 25 – My Passion


How does one clearly articulate a full life living and share with you just ONE passion that makes me, me?

I can't!!! That's the idea of an obligation-free chat to make sure we're the right fit for each other 😉

But... I would love to share a few behind the scenes, bet you didn't know about me "things" that make me, me!

🌟 Kooringal Rural Fire Volunteer

🌟 I have my boat licence

🌟 I used to be a Sunday School teacher when I was a kid (shhhh I now check the walls and the roof if I walk in a chapel with my eyes wide open)

🌟 I grew up in a little town, that was a million miles from anywhere with no public transport aka Cabbage Tree Point (best childhood)

🌟 I write songs

🌟 I play the guitar (badly, but I did teach my sister 4 chords when she was super young and she smashes me out of the park)

🌟 I'm good at "holding stuff" to help the hubster (hey, this used to happen with my Dad too)

🌟 I have a house full of houseplants - sometimes they die, but I just water them, call them pretty and they come back to life (go me!)

🌟 I have too many shells... hubby keeps telling me no more MWAH-HA-HA - I've told him when I die, he can take them all back to the beach and release them

🌟 I hate getting up early - except for sunrises... I'll wake up as early as I need to to make my coffee and catch a sunrise, no matter the distance

🌟 Sunsets will always have me poking my head out of wherever I am (even if just for a glance)

🌟 I hate shopping and I'm not crafty (sorry Mum)

🌟 Celebrant-ing is a passion - I do it for loveeeeeeeeeeeee

🌟 My favourite relax is drinks around a fire with music playing and my hubby annoying the crap out of me - he's my bestmate and I love him more than I should

🌟 And last, but not least, my boys, my family and my friends - I love yas!!!!!

PASSION = PASS-I-ON so you're turn 😉 tell me your passion!

Day 26 – Winter or Summer?


My favourite seasons of the year are APRIL and SEPTEMBER hahahaha

Seriously, they are the bestttttttttttttttt!

Warm days (24-27) and cool nights (14-18)!

🌅 540-6am sunrises (means sleep in or time to make coffee)

🌇 6-640pm sunsets (means I can actually watch them, instead of "poking my head out of wherever I am for a glance").

🔥 Summer: December to February (HOT AND SWEATY - PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME, oh and then there's rain and humidity)

☺ Autumn: March (hot), April (PERFECT+ my 🎂), May (cool days and colder nights)

❄ Winter: June (COLD), July (FREEZING), August (Windyyyyyy),

☺ Spring: September (PERFECT + 💍), October (warm), November (warmer)

Are you with me? April and September?

Day 27 – Wedding Styles that I love

"Kerri, please share a wedding style you love"...

Ummmm... I don't have a particular "style" that I love more than any other. I'm not really a "styley" kind of gal... I'm a "what feels good, means something and makes me/us happy" kind of style.

So I guess when it comes to "being a celebrant" and the "style of wedding" I like... give me heart over glamour any day!

Unfortunately... a long time ago, I was the celebrant at a wedding where it was all about the "look", making it Instagram-worthy, there was no HEART (and mine broke inside wondering why they chose me)!! The ceremony wasn't important to them; they didn't want vows, they didn't want input into their ceremony, they didn't look at each other, the smiles weren't real, they eye-rolled when I asked them to hold hands, but they did want to get married, it was terrible... it was missing heart, even their family and friends didn't want to be there! Buttttt it looked really good in the photos *sigh* (side note - this is why I no longer do weddings if we aren't the right fit)...

I've also had the absolute privilege of standing with a couple and their two witnesses, no vows, no fancy dress, no flowers, no shoes, no script, but where I wish I could have bottled the love that poured out from both of them. Sometimes it isn't in the vows, or in the script. And it definitely isn't in what's surrounding them. Sometimes it is just - the couple!!!

And then of course there are all my couples in between! I'm so blessed that all of my weddings are my style now, because I've found my love, my passion, the type of couples and ceremonies that light my heart on fire and in turn, that's the style of wedding I love!

Ps, sunrise, just going to throw that out there... sunrise weddings are a style I'd like to share more of 😝 Imagine... you and them, two witnesses, your beautiful vows, sunrise, breakfast and drinks and then the whole day to celebrate 😉

Day 28 – The Celebrant Society

The Celebrant Society aka The Wedding Society. You can find them on Instagram at

A huge shoutout to The Celebrant Society for inspiring June's 30-day photo challenge!

I absolutely love being a part of this amazing bunch of flamingos aka celebuddies!

And a huge thank you to co-founder's @sarah.may.alexander and @_johanna.kate for creating a thriving community for us where "Community over Competition" is the motto!

Interested in the Celebrant Society?

The Celebrant Society is a thriving hub of sole traders & small business owners who are changing the Wedding Industry through leadership. Leadership of what, you ask?

Kindness. Support. Encouragement.

A drive to improve how we work with our “direct competitors”. This world is ready for a movement – a shake-up in how we treat ourselves and each other professionally. Members of The Celebrant Society are helping to lead that change one high-five at a time.

Want to know if you’ve got what it takes? Well, that’s up to you.

Everyone is welcome – however, when someone joins The Celebrant Society they are agreeing to embrace the following behaviour, which we expect from every member without exception.

  • KIND We are kind, not just in our actions but in our reactions to unkindness.

  • INCLUSIVE We embrace all people of all races, genders, abilities and beliefs.

  • CONTRIBUTING We respect the community by giving as much as we take.

  • SELF REFLECTIVE We are accountable for our own words, actions and businesses.

  • DIVERSE We see value in new, experienced, young and old alike.

  • INNOVATIVE We embrace change and we commit to learning and growing.

  • FLEXIBLE We choose compassion over being easily offended by others.

  • TRUSTWORTHY We uphold the trust that exists between members.

  • EMPOWERING We build each other up to be our best unique selves.

If you would love to join our association, head to

If you are looking for other wedding vendors, head to

Day 29 – Why I became a Celebrant

Why I became a Celebrant

This guy... this guy is why I became a celebrant!

Well, it's his fault - I blame him for everything!

How dare he make me fall in love with him and EVEN WANT TO GET MARRIED!

And then how dare he work so hard and give me spare time to sit and pine for him 😛 Hey, that's how it started!

In all seriousness, our wedding day was so magical.

The morning of our wedding, we sat on the balcony at our hotel, had a bourbon and watched some BIG BLACK clouds roll in together, meh.. then my sis and bestie and I went to our favourite restaurant to set up a few candles and centrepieces, meh, then we got dressed and had a heap of fun getting photos.. then we got in the car, ok I'm ready to see Pauly now...

I remember walking down the aisle with my dad, he walked me to my two boys, who walked me to Pauly, and I remember how anxious I was in that moment, until I saw him.

Then my world stopped, and everything was ok again - our eyes were locked on each other, my heart slowed, and I was home. Like the moment we met!

We had a shortish ceremony at Pratten Park, Broadbeach overlooking the ocean with our parents, brother, sister, besties, Omi and kids. We did a sand ceremony, and there were some nice words, there were vows picked from a book, there were my vows to the boys, there was love, there was heart, there was laughter, there was "Heya" by Outkast as we signed and had a champagne/wine thingy... And it was all very loving and beautiful, BUT, it wasn't 1000% US.

There were parts that were us, but there were parts that we did because we thought we had too....


I wanted to give my couples a different wedding. I wanted to give couples an opportunity to do things their way.

I started small, by still offering prewritten scripts, example vows, but added vow guidance. People loved it. Then I started offering personal scripts and it went off. (It was kind of like testing the waters in the beginning), then one day I stopped offering my "book" and just wrote scripts, from the heart. Then vow writing sessions!

Today, my ceremonies are filled with heart and love and joy and all of my couples share how much they and their guests love their ceremony!

Ceremonies aren't the boring bit before the party anymore!

They are the heart of the day!!!!

That is my why!

Day 30 – All About Me!

Hi there, I'm Kerri and this post is all about ME!!!!!!

It's also the last day of the June photo challenge 🙂

But I'm not good at ME!!!

So, I'd like to know from you...

What do you want to know?

About me?

About weddings?

About being a celebrant?

About anything?

I'd love to hear from you!

WOW! What an adventure those 30 days were! Now I’d love to hear from you – which post was your favourite? Or what else would you like to see from me? Your insights, wishes and dreams, are the magic that fuels this celebrant machine, so let’s keep this conversation going and drop a comment below.

Are you feeling the love? Can you sense the vibe we could create together for your epic day? Then don’t hesitate to turn those dreams into a reality. Whether you’re dreaming of a barefoot beach ceremony or a romantic elopement under the stars, I’m here to help you make it happen! Book your obligation-free chat here.

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